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Crystals for the Divine Feminine


* Labradorite - Known for its ability to balance yin and yang energies within, Labradorite is a powerful crystal that promotes serenity, intuition, and psychic abilities. Its tranquilizing force taps into your inner voice, making it a stone of divine insight. With its vibrant and colorful aura, Labradorite is often used to enhance feminine qualities like creativity, self-expression, and healing. 

* Bloodstone -  This stone enhances feminine energy by grounding and revitalizing the emotional body. Its deep green with red flecks represents the life-giving power of blood and the earth. These qualities symbolize fertility, nurturing, and strength, making Bloodstone a powerful stone for the divine feminine. It is believed to provide stability and vitality, promoting a balanced expression of emotions and inner strength.

* Selenite - Used for inner healing and to invoke the power of divine feminine energy. It's also known as an energy amplifier and can be used during meditation and prayers. Selenite brings calmness, peace, and clarity to the holder. It clears blocked energy and helps you communicate with your higher self. The high vibing frequency of this crystal can work like a charm when it comes to getting in touch with your inner goddess.

* Amethyst - Amethyst is a renowned crystal with a gentle and loving vibration that embodies feminine energy and enhances higher knowledge. Its long-standing reputation for amplifying intuition, self-awareness, and creativity make it a valuable tool for embracing femininity and vulnerability. Amethyst aids in personal clarity and wisdom, supporting emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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