Setting intentions is a powerful practice that assists us in achieving happiness, success, and fulfillment. Intentions provide us with a look to our values, ambitions, goals, and purpose. Focusing on intentions allows us live in the present while keeping our energies focused on new achievements.

When you are setting intentions for the day, and you say your intention out loud, it aligns your heart and mind and creates a meaningful purpose to fill your day. Choosing an intention each morning will help you stay focused and centered, even if there is chaos around you. Start each morning by energizing your intention with healing stones that compliment it and a meditation practice. This will ensure you’ve created the space to manifest your intention. You can also use your intention as a daily mantra that you repeat throughout the day to stay focused on your goals even as you go about your daily routine.

Crafting powerful intentions starts by setting goals that align with your life’s values, aspirations, and purpose. An intention holds little power if there isn’t a valuable reason for why you want to achieve it. Be sure to write down your thoughts as you follow these steps to creating goals that will add meaning to your life.

How to Set Intentions:  

  1. Decide what truly matters to you. Your values drive the actions in your life and recognizing what they are will help you find fulfillment. This is where the power of intention lies. Write down at least five things that truly matter to you. Some examples may be spirituality, happiness, kindness, wisdom, or health.
  2. Explore the many areas of your life that need an upgrade. Goals should encompass more than one aspect of life, to ensure personal growth reaches its full potential. Consider how you can improve your relationships, career, social life, spirituality, health, and community. Using your core values to guide you, think about goals you want to set for each of these areas.
  3. Be specific and thoughtful. When you are setting an intention for each of your goals, be specific about what you want to achieve, by when, and why you want to achieve it. Be sure to think about what you need to do to accomplish these goals and what might prevent you from achieving them.

Each month, focus on one of the goals that you’d like to work on. Set a positive intention that will help you achieve this goal. For example, if your goal is to develop a deeper meditation practice, you may set the intention of  “I live in the present moment,” to help you practice freeing your mind of the past and future. Keeping your daily intentions simple will keep you centered and foster change. If you’ve had success with your intention after a few days, try a new one with the same goal in mind.

When you are setting your intentions, you can incorporate healing stones and crystal energy bracelets into the process. Wearing a crystal energy bracelet that is aligned with your intention serves as a constant reminder of your intention. Every time you look down at your wrist, you will be reminded of the intentions and goals you set for yourself that day. If you are placing an energy crystal atop your written intention, every time you see it in your space, you will think about your intention and live with that intention. Healing crystals also help to magnify your intentions and goals, constantly putting them out into the universe so they can manifest themselves much more quickly.

The important thing to remember when setting intentions is that they help create the present moment. Regardless of if you ever achieve your goal or not, intentions bring you in line with the reason why you want to accomplish those goals. They help create value in your daily life by providing motivation to achieve something in the moment rather than in the future. Your success simply relies on doing one thing a day that supports your intention.

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