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Crystals for Numerology Life Path 1

Life Path Number #1: THE LEADER. Your purpose is to develop and master innovative creativity, confidence, independence, originality, and achievement..
  • Sunstone - Strengthens Life Path 1's confidence, leadership ability, independence, and creativity. Sunstone brings energy to the life of the work-oriented 1.

  • Bloodstone - Nourishes feelings of self worth, self confidence and self sufficiency. Brings stability by transmuting mental and emotional energies.

  • Red Jasper - Its fiery energies assist those with Life Path 1 to feel empowered to follow their path of becoming an inspirational leader.

  • Citrine - Aids Life Path 1 in harnessing self esteem, self confidence, self expression and individuality.


Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones in a carrying pouch -
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