Highest Vibes Only

Crystals for Meyers-Briggs INFJ Personality Type

Insightful *Altruistic * Empathetic
Dogmatic * Sensitive * Perfectionist
  • White Agate: Helps initiate self-healing, something INFJs are often lacking since they tend to focus so much of their energy on helping others. White Agate helps INFJ to recognize when they're over-extending themselves.. 

  • Amethyst: Brings peace and spiritual insight to the overwhelmed and analytical mind of INFJ.  Amethyst's calming energies help INFJs to peer through idealism, accept what they cannot change, and recognize when to not over-give.

  • Amazonite: A heart chakra stone ideal for balancing INFJs sensitivity and emotional state. Amazonite helps INFJ to recognize they need to love their self before they can truly come to the aid of others.

  • Citrine:  Great for boosting the self esteem of the often self-critical INFJ. Citrine's happy vibe helps the overly-sensitive INFJ receive criticism in a more constructive way and illuminates to them their tendency to be a little rigid in their beliefs.

 - Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones in a carrying pouch -
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