Highest Vibes Only

Crystals for Meyers-Briggs INTJ Personality Type

Reliable * Curious * Introspective
Argumentative * Inexpressive * Intolerant
  • Red Jasper: Grounds strong emotions giving INTJ the ability to better articulate what's on their mind and in their heart. Red Jasper brings strength, endurance, and stability, helping high-achieving INTJ to accomplish their lofty goals.

  • Aventurine:  A heart chakra stone, Aventurine's vibes inspires the more-rational INTJ to tune into their emotions. This stone softens the heart, helping arrogant INTJ to be less critical of others

  • Amethyst: Brings feelings of peace and calm to INTJs mind, helping them to be more tolerant of people and situations.  Amethyst helps this personality type better harness their natural curiosity and introspective nature. 

  • Citrine: Supports INTJs natural determination. Sunny Citrine's high vibes help INTJ to be less argumentative and to let go of resentment from past disappointments and heartache.

Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones in a carrying pouch -
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