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Crystals to Heal From a Break Up

* Rose Quartz -  Excellent for de-stressing, soothing and stabilizing. Place it over your heart to dissolve toxic energies and allow it to fill your heart with love. It purifies and supports forgiveness and letting go.
* Aventurine -  Helps to cut ties with anyone whose energy field is toxic and wraps you in a blanket of protection. Wear it constantly to ensure the energetic cords cannot be re-tied.
* Onyx - Transmutes negative energy. Protects and allows you to cut the ties that bind you.
* Sunstone -  The restorative power sunstone shines its radiant light into your mending heart and sacral chakra centers.
Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones, organza bag, and an information card
 Simple and Effective Ways to Harness the Healing Power of Your Crystals

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