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Lepidolite Palm Stones

$32.95 $45

Lepidolite lifts spirits, balances emotions, alleviates stress, and has a gentle, relaxing, and calming effect. When facing the inevitable stress and tension of life, its peaceful and soothing vibes brings equilibrium and mental and emotional relaxation. It is a powerful Crown Chakra activator that promotes overall health through assisting you in recovering with sleep and rest.

Lepidolite's relaxing properties are paired by its ability to help you perceive and respond from a higher perspective, providing more awareness to situations that are critical to your growth and progress..

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a moment of tranquility, hold this Lepidolite palm stone in your hands and let it's energies take you away!

Purple palms are about 3" long.  White range from 2.5" - 3.5"

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