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Rhodochrosite Palm Stones

$34.95 $40

Rhodochrosite directs your gaze inward to help you find self love and forgiveness, as well as healing for past emotional wounds, trauma, and suppressed memories. 

It's loving vibes help you to release any unacknowledged pain that you’ve  unconsciously held onto for far too long.  Rhodochrosite breaks down any barriers built around the heart, which allows you to love with the unconditional and compassionate joy of a child. This stone will help you become the true self you always were meant to be. 

Rhodochrosite is known as the ' stone of the compassionate heart’ as it's vibrations match selfless and unconditional love. It works best at alleviating troubles of the heart, safely bringing down the walls which have built up over time. As you heal, it will empower you not only to practice empathy for only the self, but also to compassionately act for others in need too.

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