Calming Green Calcite Helps you Unwind, Relieving the Pressures and Strains of Life

Birthstone: Cancer

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Chakra: Heart

Lifepath: 8


Green Calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser, removing negativity and releasing energy blockages that prevent personal growth. A Heart Chakra healer, Green Calcite dispels the pent up stress and pain the heart has felt clearing the way for love to flourish.  By aligning our higher self with our hearts to divine love, harmony and balance is restored between our hearts and minds and we become fully open to receiving love.  Green Calcite also facilitates the release of our old, rigid mindset and all preconceived notions that no longer serve us.  Stimulating personal growth through healing, Green Calcite renews our sense of purpose in life, motivating us to set our sights high.  Like other green crystals and stones, Green Calcite is a stone of abundance and prosperity.  Working in conjunction with our intentions, Green Calcite works to accelerate our ability to manifest success and abundance in our lives.


Crystal Tips

  • Carry or wear Green Calcite to help prevent catching infections
  • Place Green Calcite around you to calm your emotions
  • Hold Green Calcite when you feel panicky
  • Carry or hold Green Calcite to help you cope and not take offence is other people laugh at your expense
  • Hold Green Calcite to relieve stress
  • Put Green Calcite on your night stand to help you relax at night

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