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Crystals for a Healthy Relationship


* Apatite -  Promotes effective communication and fosters openness to have meaningful conversations. Apatite balances the crown and throat chakras, promoting clear and confident communication. When you feel acknowledged and comprehended, you can confidently present your true self without any hindrance, leading to a state of holistic wellness within your relationship.

* Aventurine - Aventurine assists in clearing energy blockages and strengthening communication and emotional bonds in relationships. Its powerful energy promotes success and empowers individuals to achieve their dreams in all aspects of life. From self-discovery to love and prosperity, Aventurine is a stone of abundance that brings compassion and balance to any relationship.

* Rhodonite - Rhodonite, with its shades of pink, black, and white, is a beneficial heart stone that aids in romantic love. It encourages self-exploration and dealing with any emotional or personal issues that may be preventing you from experiencing the love you deserve. This powerful gem guides you in releasing and clearing your heart while prioritizing your own needs.

* Rose Quartz - Considered the most crucial Heart Chakra stone, its feminine energy and strong compassion aid in building trust, tolerance, and unconditional love. It can help heal past wounds, allowing your heart to open freely once again, or attract a love that will bring joy to your life. Let the Rose Quartz fill your soul with a thousand sweet sparkles and overflowing love.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.


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