Highest Vibes Only

Crystals for Trusting in Love After Heartache


For letting go of fear and pain from the past so you can step into the light of love.

 * Rose Quartz -  Rose Quartz is the healer for these internal wounds, erasing the primal imprints and reprogramming the heart to accept the infinite source of love that comes from within the self. 
* Black Onyx  - A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.
* Amethyst  -  Amethyst brings an abundance of blessings and healing. Work with the amethyst stone for healing, peace, balance, calmness, addiction or forgiveness.
* Clear Quartz - Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. 
Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones, organza bag, and an information card
 Simple But Effective Ways to Harness the Healing Power of Your Crystals

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