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Crystals for Depression


  •  Citrine - As radiant as the sun and brimming with the beauty of a new tomorrow, Citrine is one of the happiest crystals in the world. Also known as the merchants stone, this lucky spark of sunlight is all about positive energy and new perspectives. If you ever needed a stone to pierce the darkest clouds with its luminous light, it's Citrine.

  • Amethyst - A sublime self-care stone, it is like a cozy blanket of soft and soothing energy. Lepidolite is known for its incredible and gentle ability in getting your nervous system balanced and in harmony. This is great for those who tend to find themselves in a state of burnout or overdrive. It’s also an incredible energy healer and can easily dissipate downtrodden thoughts and feelings.

  • Smoky Quartz - Depressive episodes can make you feel untethered and as though we have no firm footing keeping you standing . Smoky Quartz is an amazing grounding stone that can put you on a clear path back to yourself and the things that make you happy. This stone is rich in purifying energy and is all about dispelling low thoughts.

  • Peach Moonstone - When the nights seem dark, let the luminous light of this stone guide you to the light of your own beautiful being.  During low times, it can seem impossible that they will ever change, and this can make us feel stuck, hopeless, and lost. But Moonstone is inspired by the cyclical changes of the moon and it serves to tell us that a new phase is always waiting

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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