What are the functions of the Heart Chakra?
The heart chakra influences so many areas of your life and is as much about universal love as it is romantic love. The heart chakra is where you develop kindness and forgiveness and make peace with the past. This area also rules your physical heart and your respiratory systems.
Having balanced heart energy builds bridges in the same way that forgiveness, understanding, and compassion build bridges in your life. It’s the center for how you relate to experiences and where your unique personality is developed. When the heart chakra is functioning well there is neither guilt nor shame so you’re kind to yourself and to others. You don’t stress or get involved in drama, you simply see situations that have to be worked through. When your heart chakra is healthy, you don’t fear rejection or seek constant praise from anyone. You accept that you are enough and allow others to be who they need to be as well.
Where is the Heart Chakra?
The heart chakra is in the middle of the chest, right by the heart and is where the three lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root) meet the three higher chakras (throat, third-eye, and crown).
What Colors represent the Heart Chakra?
The heart chakra resonates with all shades of green. Green helps you to unwind so it’s easier for you to develop understanding and empathy.
Pink is also a heart chakra color. Pink is considered to be the color of love. It helps you get in touch with your true feelings and to release pain and past heartache
Symptoms of an Overactive Heart
You may feel stressed or come across as anxious when the heart chakra needs a tuneup. You may hold onto grudges instead of forgiving and find reasons to feel guilty or to dwell on the past. Other people’s opinions and ideas may seem intolerable when the heart is out of alignment. You become bossy and feel that you have to control relationships. You may also have a selfish streak and think life or others owe you something.
Using Rose Quartz and Moss Agate will help you to restore peace and harmony to an overactive heart chakra. 
Symptoms of an Underactive Heart
If this energy center is a bit sluggish then you’ll feel depressed and disenchanted with life. It’s easy for people to take advantage of you or to feel you have to prove yourself to receive affection. You may feel down because you are less than perfect and have trouble developing your sense of self-worth.
You might be too hard on yourself and others. You have difficulty trusting and you may be codependent on those you count on. It’s easy for you to wallow in self-pity, and play the role of a martyr. In order to get this area balanced again, you have to find a way to appreciate yourself, your life, and your relationships.
Seek forgiveness where it’s needed, grant forgiveness, then put the situation behind you. This frees you from being tied to the past and old negative emotion. Look for the good in every situation and keep a gratitude journal.
Work with Aventurine and Botswana Agate to stimulate your heart chakra.