What are the functions of the Crown Chakra?
The crown chakra is associated with the highest levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. It correlates to the brain, the pituitary gland, and higher consciousness.
Spiritual energy and well-being are cultivated here. It’s where you transcend your own ego and can touch the divine. Devotion and selflessness occur, and you feel at one with the universe.
The crown chakra is linked directly to your relationship with the divine. It’s where  your soul communes with your spirit guides and divinity. Enlightenment, guidance from higher powers, and spiritual phenomenons are all associated with the crown chakra.
When it’s open and balanced, you’ll find great joy and connectedness. You are aware of your own self-worth, but you don’t see yourself as more important than anyone else. Your connection to the spiritual aspects of your life are so strong, you may feel you’re being led by your guides a place of oneness. Your life is filled with happiness, satisfaction, and purpose. You become joyful, worry free, observant, intuitive, and maybe even a little psychic
Where is the Crown Chakra?
The crown chakra is located at the top of your head, right where the ‘crown’ of your hair is. It’s the uppermost of the seven chakras.
What Color represents the Crown Chakra?
The crown chakra is represented by light violet or light blue but sometimes it’s depicted as gold or even clear.
Light violet and blue are the colors of transformation. Gold is the color of perfection. Clear is the color of purification and healing, and also contact with your higher self and your spirit guides. Using healing crystals and precious gemstones in these hues will enhance energetic balance.
Symptoms of an Overactive Crown
When this area is overstimulated, you amplify your own personal power and become self-important. You might think you’re some kind of guru or more wise than you actually are. You feel you have little time for those who you think are somehow less significant than yourself.
Using Amethyst and Howlite will help you to restore balance to an overactive crown chakra. 
Symptoms of an Underactive Crown
You lose touch with your divine guidance and start trusting what you experience through the physical senses.
You’re typically frustrated, despondent, and life just isn’t joyful. In order to restore balance to your crown chakra, you have to find your way back to your spirituality and faith - even if it’s just faith in yourself.
Work with clear quartz and moonstone to amplify your intention to reconnect.