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Crystals for Paranoia

  • Amethyst - Activates and opens the Crown Chakra to align you with universal energy, calming you and helping you to see with better clarity.  Amethyst's powerful yet soothing energy will help you achieve a peaceful state of mind, allowing for improved clarity and perception.

  •  Peach Moonstone - Enhances intuition and promotes inspiration, helping you know you are safe and secure. Moonstone helps you to experience a heightened sense of clarity and security and is the perfect addition to any mindfulness practice, helping to soothe and guide you along the way.

  • Clear Quartz -  Renowned for its capacity to eliminate negative thoughts. Clear Quartz is powerful for transforming and clarifying toxic thought patterns and enhancing cognitive and spiritual openness.

  •  Howlite - Howlite is known for its ability to promote a peaceful state of mind and body, allowing for insight and guidance from higher realms. Its calming effects can reduce negative thoughts and promote relaxation.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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