Highest Vibes Only

Crystals for Twin Flames


* Rose Quartz -  A MUST for those already in or seeking Twin Flame Union. Rose Quartz has the energy to heal the heart of the pain and trauma from previous relationships, which is essential for Twin Flame Union.

* Aventurine - Balances Masculine and Feminine energies and helps manifest divine soul connections. Aventurine helps you to keep your heart open, allowing yourself and others to see your true self.

* White Agate -  Balances the Yin/Yang, creating a harmony and balance between masculine and feminine energies.  White Agate helps you feel grounded, confident, and empowered.

* Amethyst - Promotes clarity and peace of mind so is good choice for someone who's on the path of personal and spiritual growth.  Amethyst aids in the ascension process and helps guide you to the energies of higher dimensional love.

Set Includes: Four, 1" to 2" gemstones in a carrying pouch -
 Click HERE to learn simple, but effective ways to harness the healing powers of your crystals.

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