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Crystals for Setting Boundaries


  • Rose Quartz - Its soothing energy fosters empathy and forgiveness of self for people pleasing and allowing your boundaries to be crossed. Rose Quartz vibrates at the frequency of self love and assists in tuning into your needs then setting boundaries accordingly.

  • Aventurine -  Another stone of love, it clears and activates your heart, giving you a sense of inner stability and well-being. Aventurine's vibrations are also protective of your heart, helping you to find confidence in building a barrier between you and those who don't recognize your innate worth.

  • Howlite - This tranquil crystal helps you to calm and stabilize your mind, tap into your needs, and find the confidence to set appropriate boundaries. Howlite calms the anxiety surrounding potentially hurting or losing someone to your newfound love for self.

  • Shungite -  Helps you to feel grounded, stable, and secure in decision making. Shungite provides you with protection from those who may react to or continue trying to disrespect your boundaries. When paired with the other stones in this set, Shungite helps you to stay out of your head and in your heart while on your journey to deeper self love and respect.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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