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Polynesian Goddess Hina - Nurturing and Motherhood




Hina, a Polynesian Goddess, is connected to the nurturing feminine energy of the moon and is known within the culture as the Divine Mother. By tapping into the essence of Hina, you will be held, nurtured, and supported as you love and raise your children. Hina also rules the passage of time. As you tap into that, you will be able to slow down and more fully experience the joy and lessons raising children brings into our lives.


* Aventurine -  Promotes compassion, empathy, nurturing, and general well-being. Like Mother Hina, Aventurine helps to calm anger and supports emotional regeneration, instilling unconditional love and fostering motherly instinct. 

* Citrine -  Re-balances your drive to care for and love yourself so you can care for your loved ones. Citrine's vibes brings you joy, energy, and happiness during the challenges you may often face as a mother, namely the potential feelings of isolation and loneliness.

* Tiger's Eye - Provides reassuring energy and boosts confidence during the nonstop transitions and changes you encounter as a mother.  Tiger's Eye promotes clear-eyed vision, helping us see ourselves, our children, and others more clearly. Mother Hina is the nurturer of all people and things; Tiger's Eye helps you carry that energy within you, wherever you go.

* Amethyst -  Clears anxiety which helps you to reassert boundaries necessary for rest and recuperation from your busy days.  Amethyst helps you to keep your mind and body calm so you can continue to show up in nurturing energy for yourself and those around you.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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