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Egyptian Goddess Isis - Intuition and Feminine Vitality




Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of feminine vitality, intuition, protection, and restoration. By tapping into the essence of Isis, you will be supported in reclaiming your inner-fire and tap into your highest self. Isis teaches that you can tap into your own inner magic, and trust in your personal connection to your higher self and higher power.

 * Howlite - Helps you to tap into your divine connection and work towards spiritual alignment. Howlite is amazing in helping you to connect to the cosmos and deeply connect with your higher self and intuition. Cleansing the aura with its prismatic light, it revitalizes the body to its natural state of joy.

* Carnelian - Increasing motivation and driving ambition, Carnelian brings in a fiery energy, inspiring you take action. The Goddess Isis is known for restoration of physical and spiritual vitality, and carnelian is the perfect crystal for bringing in those energies.

* Bloodstone -  Offers the courage to overcome life’s challenges. It heightens intuition and inspires the inner strength to take the right course of action. Bloodstone protects you from negative energies by creating a defensive shield and deflecting undesirable influences

* Citrine - It's bright and cheerful energy radiates happiness and amplifies the joy in life. Magnifying the power of your intuition, Citrine increases motivation to achieve your goals with intent and action. Revitalizing the mind by clearing mental blocks, Citrine enhances vitality and encourages creativity.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.


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