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Roman Goddess Vesta - Peaceful and Safe Home



 Vesta is the Roman Goddess of bringing light into hearth and home. By tapping into the essence of Vesta, you will be supported in your desire to bring love and joy into your home and surroundings. Vesta teaches we must trust every person that walks though our door, as our home is our sacred space and a place to give loving hospitality.


*Turquoise:  Known for its diverse healing properties, turquoise is a brilliant and beautiful stone that will create a more loving atmosphere within your home. To bring in it's calming vibes, place the stone in the center of your home - also known as the "hearth". 

*Shungite: Actively cleanses and clears your home by transmuting negative energy and reflecting it back where it came from. Like Vesta being the protector of the home, Onyx also protects as it absorbs tension and calms the energy around it. For best use, place near the entryway.

*Amethyst: Defines and supports energetic boundaries and reduces contention, bringing those within your home to better communicate from a peaceful state of mind.  For best utilization of it's energy place in the family room.

*Citrine: Known as being the happiest and crystal, the joy it radiates will benefit the energy of anyone near it or any place it's in. It's warm glow captures the essence of Vesta's gifts of bringing light into every hime. For best use, place in the rear, left side of the house to attract health, wealth, and happiness.

Set comes in a box and Includes: four 1" to 2" gemstones and a crystal description card.

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