12 Essential Must-Have Crystals

Crystal Work

Crystal Work.  Whether for healing or attracting good fortune, love, and propsperity - or for being protected and getting answers to your questions from the angels or your higher self - you will need a set of 12 crystals to support you along your journey.

Keep your 12 crystals in a box or bowl, in a place where you can see them.  Each morning, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to be guided to the crystal that will best suit the days' highest purpose - For example, gaining the confidence and clarity you'll need for your presentation at work. Keep your crystal in your pocket, purse, or in a place where you can see it.

Anytime you feel or see your crystal, grasp it in your receiving hand - whichever hand you write with - recall your intention, then focus on how it feels to have, be, or do what you're intending. Take another deep breath, let gratitude fill your aura, then place the stone back in its original place.


Your Twelve Key Crystals and Their Healing Properties

1 - Clear Crystal Quartz - The Stone of the Live Force

This crystal is known as being "The Master Healer".  Clear Crystal Quartz brings energy, joy, prosperity, motivation, clarity, and new-beginnings. Hold Quartz in your dominant hand, focus on what you want most in life, then go out and make it happen.

When Crystal Quartz is chosen as your crystal of the day, get excited about the day ahead and embrace all opportunities that will surely come your way.

2 - Moonstone - The Crystal of Intuition

Rainbow Moonstone for Healing

The Stone of the Moon in all her phases.  Using Moonstone will cause unexpected advantages to suddenly pop-up in your life. This stone is soothing for those who are going through difficult times, trying to attract love into their lives, or have trouble with anxiety.  It has been known to help children prevent nightmares and aids women in moving into harmony with their natural rhythms, cycles, and emotions. Use Moonstone for protection while travelling or commuting.

As a crystal of the day, Moonstone tells you to trust your intuition so you may see the intentions of others and being more aware of other obstacles on your path.

3 - Red Jasper - The Stone of Courage and Change

Red Jasper for Healing

The Stone of Mars, Red Jasper gives strength and stamina for busy, stressful times. If there are stagnant energies, Red Jasper clears and unblock any obstruction that may set you back. Use it for taking initiative, protection from the negative energies of people and situations, and for physical safety.

If Red Jasper is your crystal of the day, go directly for what you want and don't take no for an answer.

4 - Carnelian - The Stone of Creativity and Independence

Carnelian for Healing

A Crystal of Uranus, Carnelian fills you with the self-confidence in the way you need it most. It is great for those who are self-employed, trying to master a new hobby, or make new friends. If you're launching a new artistic venture, trying to conceive a baby, or are involved in any other creative activity, Carnelian will give you the creative edge you'll need.

As your crystal of the day, Carnelian indicates this is a good time for taking action.  Do not undervalue yourself or accept being anything but your best.

5 - Citrine - The Stone of Learning and Contemplation

Citrine for Healing

Beautiful Yellow Citrine is the stone of the planet Mercury and will make you feel joy and happiness. Citrine beings success in learning new things and is called the "Merchant's Crystal", aiding in business transactions, educational persuits, communication, and moneymaking ideas.

If Citrine if your crystal of the day, it tells you it's time to communicate your ideas and needs clearly, especially at work or school. It also says it's time to visit new places, try new activities, and take big chances. Citrine has a gentle way of nudging you to not hold back!

6 - Green Aventurine - The Stone of Good Luck

Aventurine for Healing

A Crystal of Venus, Aventurine is a good luck charm and for this reason, is known as the "Gambler's Crystal". It is for those of us who feel like we are always rushing around, trying to keep up with our tasks and obligations. Aventurine is great for protecting you from accidents or raising accident-prone children. If you take this crystal to work, it will be sure to help you come up with good ideas and solutions while on the job. Aventurine is also great for love and fidelity as well as gentle growth through every aspect of life.

As your crystal of the day, Aventurine says everything you do will turn out well and people will be cooperative.

7 - Sodalite - The Stone of Wisdom

Soldalite for Healing

Sodalite is the stone of Jupiter.  It helps you speak with wisdom and clarity, and gives you patience so you do not make rash decisions. Your Sodalite will help you discover your path and become a wise counselor to your family, friends, and co-workers. It assists you in climbing up the career ladder and instills happiness into your committed relationship, friendships, and overall life.

When Sodalite is your crystal of the day, it says to cross all your t's, dot all your i's, and check and double-check your work to be sure you understand all variables. Look at the long-term advantage versus immediate gratification.

8 - Amethyst - The Stone of Balance

Amethyst for Healing

The stone of Neptune, gentle Amethyst is the stone for destressing and is called the "All-Healer". Amethyst emits soothing energies to all living things; people, plants, and animals. It also restores the energies of other overworked and overused crystals. Amethyst works well for getting rid of cravings, anxiety, panic, and anger in the home or at work. It brings balance and logic to difficult situations, dispels negative enegy, and helps you to get restful sleep.

If Amerthyst is your crystal of the day, it indicates you need to step away from all conflict in order to listen to both sides of the story. It says to not be pressured by other's demands or timescales.

9 - Tiger's Eye - The Stone of Gaining Advantage

Tiger's Eye for Healing

Beautiful golden-brown Tiger's Eye is a crystal of the Sun and is a stone of creating finanacial and personal abundance in your life. A good luck charm, Tiger's Eye is an excellent crystal for entrepreneurs and those who are setting out as a business owner for the first time. It magnifies artistic, performing, and creative talents, helping those who are pursuing a part, commission, or fame. Tiger's eye reflects back negative energy, ill-wishing, and jealousy.

If you choose Tiger's Eye as your stone of the day, watch out for chances to shine, take credit for your efforts, and banish all negative energies caused by rumors or envy.

10 - Rose Quartz - The Stone of Kindness and Nurturing

Rose Quartz for Healing

Rose Quartz is another stone of Venus, the planet named after the Goddess of Love and beauty. It attracts peace at home and in the workplace, bringing gentle and trustworthy loving energy into your life. If you're building friendships or a relationship, Rose Quartz will increase your love, forgiveness, and understanding of another. Rose Quartz is great for mending arguments or differences, and alleviates pain, trauma, and betrayal from the past. Like Amethyst, Rose Quartz aids in you having peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams and is a crystal for those who are trying to conceive.

As your crystal of the day, Rose Quartz says you may need to keep the peace with your loving and understanding presence.  Your good Karma for your deeds will be repaid in the future.

11 - Hematite - The Stone of Hidden Fire and Justice

Hematite for Healing

This metallic, shiny grey stone is a crystal of both Mercury and Mars.  It protects you against all harm and those at home or work who drain you emotionally.  Called "The Lawyers Stone", Hematite brings justice in legal and personal matters, as well as success in anything you're passionate about. Being the magnetic crystal of inner-fire, Hematite brings out your talents and draws success to you.

If this is your crystal of the day, walk away from anyone pressuring you to change your mind or make concessions.  It is a day when truth and justice will prevail and lies and secrets will be revealed.

12 - Black Onyx - The Stone of Protection

Onyx for Healing

Lustrous Black Onyx, the stone of Saturn, it's anti-drama properties make it the ultimate crystal for panic attacks, anxiety, and stress. It is good for clearing your mind if you need to make a big decision, or if you have conflicting opinions or pressure on you. Black Onyx brings order to chaos and chills hyperactivity, perfectionism, and overdependence on others. It also reduces the effects of bad influences and mind games being played by those you're closest.

As crystal of the day, Onyx advises to bring stressful matters to a satisfactory conclusion. Avoid being pulled into pettiness or emotional manipulation.



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